Take a Video Tour of the Entire Bridge!

- Friends and Potential Entrants

We are pleased to announce we have begun uploading the video tours of the Detroit-Superior Bridge!

In an effort to provide as complete an understanding of the existing conditions of the bridge for the preparation of conceptual ideas for the 2012 Cleveland Design Competition, we have taken over 1 hour of video footage. Currently there are three videos completed that have either been uploaded or are being uploaded to the Cleveland Design Competition webpage here: http://clevelandcompetition.com/bridge-video-tours/ Video #2 is shown here in this post, please keep an eye out for future video posts!

Video 1 – West Entrance to Lower Level (1:27)
This is a video that takes you from the Cuyahoga County Department of Public Works office and maintenance garage entrances to the entrance into the lower level of the bridge from their parking lot.

Video 2 – From the West Entrance to the West Catacombs (7:01)
This video takes you from that same entrance all the way into the West Catacombs section of the bridge.

Video 3 – From West Catacombs across the bridge to the East Pool (14:21)
This video takes you all the way from the West Catacombs, completely across the entire bridge to the East Pool. Each video has text commentary that periodically appears further explaining what the viewer is seeing.


  1. Richard Lucas - reply

    Hey Guys! Thanks for the video; it definitely helps to better understand the structure with this! Can’t wait for you to upload the others!

    One comment, though…. in the first few minutes of this video, you’re walking west, but you state that the north is to the left, and south to the right. That’s not correct, is it?

    I’m not sure how they label the Zones you mention, and which one is on the north or south, but I think the directions are noted incorrectly in the subtitles!

    Anyway, thanks again, it’s still very helpfule to have this!

    • michaelchristoff - reply

      Good evening Richard,

      Thank you so much for the nice note. We are linking the other videos now. If you follow our YouTube Channel you will see them as they are uploaded and not yet linked to the webpage.

      Regarding the directions, it does appear that in our desire to get the videos up quickly, we have mistakenly reversed some of the descriptive text in the video. Our sincerest of apologies, we are in the process of resolving the issue.

      In the meantime, here is a summary of what directions should be shown.

      Video 2 – From the West Entrance to the West Catacombs

      As you enter and turn to the right, you are heading West. To your right would be North and to your left would be south.

      As you enter and turn to the left (which is what the video does before turning right and heading west), you are looking at the North Side of the bridge.

      Video 3 – From the West Catacombs to the East Pool

      As you are heading east on the bridge from the west side, to your left would be the North side of the bridge. To the right is the South side of the bridge. The North side of the bridge is the side that is predominately open to the ground and river below.

      Again, our sincere apologies, we will be correcting the videos shortly and re-uploading.

      Best regards,
      Michael Christoff
      Cleveland Design Competition Organizer

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