2012 Competition Awards Gallery Launched!

Online Awards Gallery Launched!

The Cleveland Design Competition is proud to announce that the winning submissions as well as those selected as honorable mentions have been uploaded to the Award Winners gallery located here: http://clevelandcompetition.com/current-competition/award-winners/

Over the next few weeks you will see additional submissions uploaded to the permanent Online Gallery until all of the submissions have been uploaded. The Online Gallery has been setup to give EVERY ENTRANT their very own portfolio page; please feel free to link to your page and post comments about the submissions. When posting, please keep in mind that comments should be kept positive, constructive and civil or they will not be granted approval for posting.

The permanent exhibition gallery can be view here: http://clevelandcompetition.com/past-competitions/2012-transforming-the-bridge/ After the remainder of the submissions have been uploaded, you will be able to filter the submissions displayed in the gallery with the “Winners” and “Gallery” filter tabs. If you have any additional questions or concerns about the submissions, or would like more information about any of the entries, please do not hesitate to contact the competition organizers at info@clevelandcompetition.com.

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