Past Competitions


2007: Irishtown Bend

In 2007, the Cleveland Design Competition: Irishtown Bend challenged entrants to present nationally prominent, architecturally significant design solutions for an under-utilized riverbed hillside and bluff along the western edge of Cleveland’s Industrial Flats. Learn More.


2008: InterPlay

In 2008, Cleveland Design Competition: interPLAY asked entrants to illustrate a vision for intergenerational recreation along the multipurpose pathway at the northern terminus of West 65th Street in the Detroit Shoreway Neighborhood of Cleveland. Learn More.


2009: Lakefront Station

In 2009, Cleveland Design Competition: Lakefront Station challenged entrants to propose designs for a new Multi-Modal Transit Center and Pedestrian Connection from downtown Cleveland’s Civic Center and Mall to Cleveland’s Lakefront and Northcoast Harbor. Learn More.


2011: A New School Vision

In 2011, Cleveland Design Competition: A New School Vision challenged entrants to propose designs for a new K-12 public school in downtown Cleveland. At a time when educators are implementing dramatic new ideas in pedagogy, curricula and organizational models, the reinvention of learning environments deserves equal attention. The 2011 Cleveland Design Competition presented an opportunity to re-imagine the school and explore how educational facilities must evolve to provide world class opportunities for learning. Learn More.


2012: Transforming the Bridge

In 2012, professionals, students, firms and designers were invited to re-imagine the abandoned lower streetcar level of Cleveland’s Detroit-Superior Bridge as a dynamic public space, performance venue and pedestrian experience. At the beginning of 2012, a group of local designers and business leaders launched an initiative called “The Bridge Project” to raise public awareness about the potential of The Bridge and to engage the community for input on opening the lower level for public use. The Cleveland Design Competition has partnered with The Bridge Project to engage designers to propose compelling visions for the permanent use of The Bridge, public access into and passage through the lower level of The Bridge, and connectivity to surrounding neighborhoods. Learn More.