We’re Not Alone – Transforming the Lower Level of the Detroit-Superior Bridge

In today’s Plain Dealer, the largest newspaper in Cleveland, writer Joe Frolik wrote about why it is “Time to transform Cleveland’s Detroit-Superior Bridge from What-If to Wow”.

This was a great article summarizing the conversation and thoughts to date around the two founders of The Bridge Project – close Partners of this year’s Cleveland Design Competition. We are so happy to be a part of the process to creating ideas for how the lower level of the bridge could be permanently animated and turned into a world-class public/civic space. Thank you to Mr. Frolik for featuring Terry Schwarz and James Levin as well as the shout out for the Cleveland Design Competition and our new webpage!

We will be sure to continue to add any additional local press about the competition here on the blog. If you see any press about the competition outside of the greater Cleveland area, please send us the link @ info@clevelandcompetition.com.

Read the full articles by CLICKING HERE

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